Daily tracking that works.

Hold your office accountable to the most important stats that drive your business. See those stats in real time and every night in your inbox.

My favorite part of Trakability is the competition! I love the live scoreboard that I keep up on a flat screen in my office. NO SALES PERSON likes seeing themselves in last place. WHAT A MOTIVATOR!!! I also use the time off and the clock in/out for my interns who are hourly. I used to use excel; This made my life 100 times better!

Matt Sutika - IN
Chairmen's Circle

I've used every tool out there. When it comes to holding your team accountable to the activities that drive your results, Trakability is in a class all by itself. It's a must have for every agent that wants to achieve high levels of success.

George Georgopulos - IL
President's Club
Chairmen's Circle

With this tool, I have a fully customizable program that allows me to create goals and shift reports and continuously track these metrics to make sure I'm on time to hit my business goals. Whether I'm in the office or using this tool from my phone or iPad, I'm constantly in check with the day's production and efficiency. I love it; my team loves it. I call this program my Office Manager!

Mike Lucas - IL
SVP Club Qualfier
Top 5 TICA Agent

How do you efficiently track your employees' activities and results?

With customizable Shift Reports you can...

  • Track the exact activities and results you want each day
  • Tailor which activities are tracked by each team member
  • Require all stats are inputted prior to the day's final clock out

How do you receive daily insight on how your employees are doing?

With trakCards - Your Daily Performance Summary Email, you can...

  • See your overall team performance at a glance
  • Avoid searching through countless reports and spreadsheets
  • Receive daily automatic emails direct to you inbox

How do you consistently motivate and coach your team?

With the ScoreBoard, LeaderBoard, and Dashboard, you can...

  • See where each team member stands amongst their peers
  • Rank your employees against the best of the best in the country
  • Coach and empower your team using Dashboard metrics

How do you accurately keep track of your employees' time?

With our new trakClock timesheet system, you can...

  • See employees' exact clock in and clock out times
  • Track employees' paid time off and vacation time
  • Prepare and process your payroll in no time
Start traking now!